Walkin the Walk
Party orders

Live Louisiana Crawfish

Delivered to the Tampa Bay area

March - June

Live Prices


Party orders w/ seasoning

30lbs.   $120

60lbs.   $225

90lbs.   $350

30lbs feeds 8-10 people


Bulk orders

120 - 480lbs    $3.50 lb.

500 - 1000lbs  $3.35 lb.

Fresh Boiled


10lb   $65..

20lb   $120

30lb   $160

40lb   $200

60lb   $300



We do all the work, you enjoy the feast!

We are working with the Landry family and bringing the bayou to the bay area.


The crawfish are caught fresh, graded and packaged for each order then transfered to the Landry facility. There, they are carefully iced and loaded into our insulated fish boxes, then make the 11 hour drive to Florida.


Bulk orders are being delivered to local restaurants and seafood markets. Individuals can pick up at one of these locations.


Currently we are making one run per month and will increase as needed.



Fresh Boiled

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