Guide Service

Alligator Hunting                               August 15 - November 1 


Drawing application is in May through


We offer a 1 on 1  guide service for those looking for personal experience and an adventure of a lifetime, we are not a commercial operation and  are limited to 10 bookings per season.  If you are interested in booking a trip, please contact us before applying for your tags.



$ 800.00 per day

$ 3,500.00 5 day trophy hunt


All hunting equipment is provided.

Alligator  processing and lodging are extra.


Python Hunting                       This is one for your bucket list!


We offer guided python hunting in the Florida Everglades .  The Burmese Python is a non native reptile that was released into the Everglades, they now have a breeding population in South Florida which is destroying the native wildlife. We are licensed through Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and Big Cypress National Preserve to remove  non native conditional reptiles from the Everglades year round.

Generally pythons are hunted during the cooler months during the day, December through March. During this time the snakes can be found sunning on the tree islands and levee's. We use several methods to hunt them including air boats, shallow water boats,  swamp buggies and vehicles.

April through November,  the Pythons are  often caught crossing the roads at night, but it can be very warm, humid and lots of bugs.

The snakes are captured live and turned in to the University of Florida for research, the meat and skins are returned to the hunter  and can be made into beautiful leather products.


Contact us for more information!



$ 1500.00 per day for a group up to 4 hunters.


Processing and lodging are extra.



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